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Every lesson learned should serve not only your immediate needs but enhance your quality of life in a broader way.

Face2Face Pro believes that all communications training should include not only good mechanics but all of the same qualities that are incorporated into a great performance. That all performance training should be grounded in the same building blocks of effective communication. That strong writing serves both your professional world as well as your personal one. Most importantly, every lesson learned should serve not only your immediate needs but enhance your quality of life in a broader way.

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Let us set you up for successful auditions in voice-over acting, film, TV acting or stage performance. 




Our work is designed to improve performance, bolster morale and facilitate workplace satisfaction.


We can help you build your skills whether you are looking to improve your professional work or your personal expression.


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Deirdre McCarthy


I am an educator, a communications specialist, a writer of plays, poetry and essays. A director with a focus on theater that makes social change. A person who believes that there is an intersection between the ability to effectively communicate, creating art and our basic humanity. I have been a professor for 20 years  as well as the founder of Face2FacePro. It is here that I have truly been able to focus on creating wonderful things through communications consulting, corporate training, public speaking and presentation coaching, actor training for VO, stage and screen as well as pursing new education opportunities, performance & directing work and anything else you want to build together.

Come on, let's play!!!

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  • Workshops and programs custom designed to:

  • improve presentation skills

  • improve sales pitches

  • improve public speaking in general

  • improve communication between departments and management levels

  • improve communication within departments

  • bolster moral

  • observe, identify. and create solutions for systemic communication issues

  • evaluate and consult on corporate copy and communications

  • facilitate and train 

Studio Set Up


  • One on one training in Voice Over Acting, Film and Tv Acting and Stage performance

  • Conservatory level group classes in Performance of all kinds

    • Audition Prep and Self Taping Services

    • VO recording for auditions and projects

  • Creation of Marketing materials including but not limited to VO Demos Actor Reels and Headshots

  • Workshops in conjunction with Casting professionals for skill development and networking

  • Showcase opportunities to audition in front of the top Casting Agents from NY,  Boston and LA

  • Guidance and strategies for navigating the ever changing business of professional acting.



  • One on one coaching to  

    • improve existing writing 

    • learn business writing skills 

    • create and perform spoken word 

    • create and write your own blog 

    • utilize writing to engage in self exploration 

  • Writing drop in sessions 

  • Group Workshops 

  • Yearly weeklong immersive writing retreat 

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Good Vibes

Debbie N.

"Deidre’s Effective Communication Workshop is second to none. The two-day session we recently completed has made an everlasting, positive impact on my agency and team members both professionally and personally."

Carole A.

"Deirdre Is a wonderful coach. She is patient encouraging and explains things very well. I have been coaching with her for quite a while now And I'm very pleased with my progress."

Dan G.

"Deirdre is my go to person for conflict resolution and human communications challenges of all sizes and shapes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for the last 10 years on both personal and business issues."

Melissa P.

"Deirdre McCarthy is, and always has been, top in her field. As a Casting Director, when Deirdre McCarthy sends someone my way, I confidently know they will not only be talented, but professional and prepared as well. I can not recommend her highly enough."

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