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Communications: Corporate & Educational Institutions.

Face2Facepro will work with your company to create custom designed workshops and programs designed to improve communication for either individuals, teams or the entire organization. Some of the areas we specialize in include; Sales pitches/client relations and presentation skills, Communication between departments and management and the development of leadership skills.  These workshops are based on YOUR needs and the direction of your industry.


In addition we can come in and Observe, identify. and create solutions for any systemic communication issues within your company and maximize employee retention.


Our work is designed to provide you and your employees tools to communicate at the most effective level with clients AND within the company, ensure the message is translated accurately and engagingly on the receiving end which will improve performance, bolster morale and facilitate workplace satisfaction.


Face2Face Pro can also help your company with your media needs.  We can produce any videos your business may need to create for your employees and/or clients.  We teach your employees media skills, for video presentations and other teleconferencing skills. We can also help you create a Podcast or any other content geared towards your industry. 

Face2Face Pro also works with Educational Institutions to help create customized workshops for your students.  We want to help bridge the gap created by the COVID lockdown by offering soft skills training, conflict resolution training, speaking with confidence or any other communication skills your students need.

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Young Businesswoman
Public Speaker
Doctor Teaching on Seminar
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