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Team Bios

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Deirdre McCarthy has spent her academic and professional life as an educator of all things communication based framed within a creative context.  Her 20+ years as a college professor have include a wide range of courses covering multiple subjects; the most intricate aspects of interpersonal communication through the most public of public speaking as well as dramatic studies covering every aspect of performance such as Tv. Film. Stage and voice over.

In addition to her work on the collegiate level, Deirdre has worked as a professional coach specializing in Corporate communication at both the company and individual level and performance training for working actors as well as those looking to break into the business. Beginning as the lead coach of a top Boston studio before branching out on her own to launch Face2face pro 

With a BA in Theatre and Communications, a MA in Theatre Education and a MFA in Directing. Her formal education shows a similar breadth of knowledge and experience to her work life. Those years also included her time as a competitor in Public speaking where she was a national champion and held the record at her University for the most awards. Following her time as a competitor she continued to play a part in the world of competitive speaking as a coach and freelance judge.

Her philosophy as a coach is basically that all communications training should include not only mechanics but all of the same qualities that are incorporated into a great performance, That all performance training should be grounded in the same building blocks of effective communication and that every lesson learned should serve not only your immediate needs but enhance your quality of life in a broader way.

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Movement for Actors

Leslie Eustis Hallowell is our resident Movement for Actors Coach. She has worn a variety of different hats —Teacher, Trainer, Mom and Mystic but most recently synthesizes all in becoming a working Actor. Her hometown is Carbondale, CO but she helped raise and educate her family of 3 sons & co. along with her husband of 35 years, far from the Rockies on the East coast, landing in Lincoln, MA. Leslie studied at Carleton College, traveled extensively, and ended up getting her BA from Columbia University in Theatre Studies. A few of her constant crafts in life are riding horses, healing through movement, and the art of telling stories so now, how best to connect through gesture and word honestly, be it on film, stage or audio, is her latest (and most challenging) professional goal yet. She is thrilled to be a part of Face2Face Pro and all the amazing & talented folks associated with this new and exciting enterprise.

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Director of Operations

Brendan is the Director of Operations at Face2Face Pro which means it's his job to make sure the ship is running smooth so Deirdre can be her amazing self.  Brendan and Deirdre have worked together in some compacity for the last 4ish years and have collaborated on several projects.  First is podcast called "Cheese, Wine & Christmas", which is about Christmas based movies you can find on Netflix/Hallmark/etc... Second is our ongoing YouTube series called "Making the Hot Tag" which we watch hard to find Pro Wrestling in a pink bed.  Lastly is helping our clients create demos and reels to help them stand out!

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Ken Chase

Audio Engineer

Ken studied Communication/TV/Audio at Framingham State University and is an important member of our studio family!  As Operations & Engineering for the esteemed Boston-based production house Rumblestrip Audio where he has been heavily involved with producing Radio & TV commercials both regionally and nationally and working with global clients, producers and casting and agencies. He records all genres from commercial, to animation, narration and more!



Content Creator

If there’s one thing you need to know about Deb, it’s she’s a native New Yorker and fiercely proud of it, but her two “fun facts” include going to school with Steve Carell when they were kids and working for Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank). From large call centers to small independent school marketing, she’s learned the best teams find a balance of shared responsibility and fun.

Outside  of the office, Deb loves pitbulls, her adult sons, and her husband of 30 years - in that order.

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