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What We've Been Up To

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These are the projects of Face2Face Pro & our wonderful clients!

We are stoked that Episode 5 of MA-9 FulFillment, a podcast we produce, is nominated for a PopCon Podcast award in the Comedy category!  According to PopCon, the Comedy category had the 2nd highest number of submissions so it's exciting to be in the top 3!  Winners to be announced Friday, 4/25/2024.  Keep an eye on the announcement here: 

48 Hour Film Festival

Deirdre and Brendan of Face2Face Pro spend the first weekend in May every year working on a short film for the 48 Hour Film Festival.  They have 48 Hours to write, film, and edit a 4-7 minute film.  These are their films.

Coffee with a Crone

Deirdre runs a TikTok page where she creates videos called "Coffee with a Crone."  These videos are fun snippets of Deirdre giving everyday advice to make your life a little bit better.  Follow her @Face2FaceproDeirdre on TikTok!

Actor Reels

Face2Face Pro offers to help create actor reels from all angles.  If you have all the clips on hand from work you've done, we will put them together to make you look your best.  If you don't have enough materials of your own, will help create work to put into the reel.  Here's examples of ones we've done for clients.

Voice Over Demos

Face2Face Pro also helps build your Voice Over demo, which is a MUST if you want to be a Voice Over talent.  We can build it from scratch or we can put together work you've already done.

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